Electronic & Lighting Waste Solution – GCIP

EWaste Africa now offers a legally compliant and cost-effective recycling and refurbishment for your end-of-life solar panels. This will help you to reduce your environmental footprint.

Tough choice: do we dispose or recycle CFL light bulbs?

Breaking a light bulb and in particular, the modern energy-saving compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) is a normal occurrence – a lamp either breaks or goes to light bulb recycling because it got burnt and thus the need for a solution to recycle light bulbs. To one person, light bulb disposal is as easy as sweeping […]

Business Awards Honour Excellence

  “4th Annual Premier Business Awards recognizes excellence and young entrepreneurs.”   http://www.sanews.gov.za/south-africa/business-awards-honour-excellence

“Light Bulb” Moment

  “A “Light Bulb” moment becomes the first in Africa for entrepreneur who finds solution to recycle light bulb.”

2016 SAB Kickstart Boost 2016

http://www.sab.co.za/prosper/a-thriving-world/sab-kickstart-boost-2016/ “SAB target youth-owned businesses and E-waste Africa makes it to top 8 finalists.”