Technologies & Innovation

EWaste Africa pride ourselves in using world-class technologies in providing recycling services to our customers.

Our innovative engineers have developed the best technologies available to ensure that we offer an environmentally ethical, legally compliant, and cost effective service.

Some of the technologies that you buy into when you buy the EWaste Africa service offering are detailed below.

Lamp recycling

EWaste Africa chose to use the lamp recycling system manufactured by Balcan Engineering Ltd.

As they have been proven to be the world leader in innovative, and environmentally sustainable recycling solutions for lamps.

In 2006, Balcan Engineering was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for their lamp recycling system together with lamp compaction technology, recognising their commitment towards using technology to ensure environmental sustainability.

The Balcan Engineering recycling unit is capable of processing most types of mercury lamps and bulbs and is therefore suited to the applications needed by EWaste Africa in South Africa.  In contrast, most other lamp recycling solutions are very specific to the type of lighting waste that is being recycled and require pre-sorting of the different types of lamps prior to recycling.

The EWaste Africa MP8000 unit uses less than 15kW to operate, making it kinder to the environment.  The by-products from the recycling process are reused in other processes, thereby enabling zero waste to landfill.  Lamp recycling can reduce the carbon footprint of a business, and EWaste Africa will soon be offering carbon offset credits to our customers.

Although the by-products from the recycling process have little intrinsic value, it remains important that these are diverted from landfill, and EWaste Africa actively engages in finding alternative uses for these products.

LPX Plant

An example of the use of innovative technologies to develop end-uses for the products from the lamp recycling facility is the luminophosphor powder extraction plant (LPX Plant).

The technology for this plant was developed and patented by researchers at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  EWaste Africa has obtained a licence to exploit this technology in the construction of the world-first LPXTM Plant. 

The LPXTM Plant makes use of hydrometallurgical processes to process the luminophosphor powder from the lamp recycling plant, producing rare earth metals and capturing the mercury that is found int eh powder.  This enables EWaste Africa to achieve a 99.9% diversion of waste from landfill.  

The rare earth metals that are produced are high value materials and offset the costs of operating the process, while the mercury is converted to cinnabar, which is a safer form of mercury from an environmental perspective, as it is how mercury is found in nature.

EWaste Africa sells the LPXTM Plant as a modular, plug-and-play chemical plant that can be operated by lamp recyclers around the world.  The LPXTM Plant can be a solution for the treatment of your luminophosphor powder as well.  Contact us here for more information.


What we do

Waste Recycling Technologies

Together with local and international partners, EWaste Africa has developed processes and technologies to make the recycling of waste easier for you. Whatever your recycling requirements, we can assist you in finding the best solution for you. Contact us today for more information about how we can assist you in developing a recycling solution for you.

Lamp Recycling Technologies

EWaste Africa is the Southern African distribution partner for the Balcan Engineering products. We can assist you with any information that you may require about the Balcan Engineering lighting waste recycling products. Contact us today for more information.